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Doomed Individuals

Choose a poor, estranged villager to help escape these woods.

Each character bears distinct stats and abilities that change the way the game is played, dictating which obstacles will be easily overcome and which will prove deadly.

But fear not. Even if you perish here, you will come back. A lost child finds its way - so will you.

Treacherous Terrain

Navigate the wild, deadly, hungry stretches of this wood to gain the maddening insights required to escape.

Collaboratively generate the necks you must traverse to escape, creating a forest whose malice reflects the will of its inhabitants.

You must pass through to get out. But you will not pass unscathed.

Perhaps you are counting on that.

Nightmares Made Real

As you accumulate injury and insanity, purge them from your body to create monsters, healing yourself and creating obstacles for the other players...and yourself.

Whose vision of terror is it that comes bearing down on you in these shadows? Whose bloody wound made manifest stalks the path just ahead?

Is it yours?

Meager Supplies

A hand of Action Cards lends you options, and also reflect your remaining supplies. Use them to keep your options open as you navigate the woods.

The right action in the right place makes all the difference in the world.

Just take care not to let them run out.

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